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Marsynth Media

This page will contain video and audio material of Marsynth instruments in action. Included will be videos and audio of my own personal equipment (including my modular system) plus those made by other Marsynth users. If you own a Marsynth product and shoot a video or record some audio, let me know, and I'd be happy to embed it below.


The modular system:

Here's the source of inspiration for a majority of my designs: my modular system! This system has been growing since the summer of 2008, and I'm constantly working on new ideas. Most Marsynth designs come from various patches that I end up with while working with this system. In the future, I hope to move into the modular market and start offering either complete modular systems or standard format modules (like euro rack).


The following are a few audio tracks that were recorded using the modular system:

10-2-09 one by Adamon 4-12-10 one by Adamon 1-15-10 one by Adamon 12-12-09 one by Adamon


User submitted media:

More Marsynth media coming soon!