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The Candela

The Candela is essentially a completely light-controlled Morris Box with an external input. The two oscillators pitch are controlled by photo cells only, and they are summed using the more chaotic of the two options found on the Morris Box. The original LFO design is also changed a little bit: filter cut-off and resonance are both modulated by dedicated square-wave LFOs whose depth and rate are all controlled by photo cells. The volume knob remains to keep levels under control. The addition of an input with variable gain allows users to send external signals (such as guitar or vocals) through the filter along with the oscillators.

Marsynth Candela Unit 1 Marsynth Candela Unit 2

The Candela can serve as a great rhythm machine with the free-running LFOs. In a well-lit room, the Candela can produce a simple, repetitive synth beat. Waving your hands over the photocells creates slight changes to the beat. In a darker room, the beat slows down, and the nuances of the beat are more pronounced and become more drone-like. Glitchy and buggy noises are possible when using the Candela in a dark room with a bright flash light (blinking led bike lights work great for this). Holding the Candela right up to a bright light bulb or window on a sunny day results in a great spasm of chirps, squeaks, and clicks.

The Candela is a trickier instrument to control with its lack of knobs, but with practice, all sorts of unique and interesting sounds can be coaxed out. Experimenting with different types of light is key to unlocking this instruments full potential.

Download the Candela info sheet here: Marsynth Info Sheet Candela 1_0.pdf

Check out the media below to get a better idea what the Candela is capable of.

Candela Media:

Demo of the Candela:

Some audio examples of the Candela:

Marsynth Candela Demo 1 by Marsynth