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The Complex Noise Generator

The Complex Noise Generator (CNG) is a unique sound device made up of a noise source and a low-pass filter with a feedback network. The noise source density can be adjusted from full "white" noise to a low crackle. The output of the noise is fed into a resonant low-pass filter with a unique feed-back system made up of two separate paths: audio feed-back and frequency cut-off feed-back. These two paths both originate from the filter's audio output, and the amount of signal sent to each path is controlled by a feedback "balance" control.

Marsynth CNG Unit 1 Marsynth CNG Unit 2

The CNG is capable of making a wide range of sounds, including various types of "standard" noise as well as many oscillator-like tones. At lower feed-back levels, the noise source comes through more. With the filter closed down, the noise can sound like wind or waves. Turning up the feedback level introduces a variety of different clicks, screams, buzzes, and motor-like sounds.

Check out the media below to get a better idea what the CNG is capable of.

CNG Media:

A few tracks of CNG noise:

Marsynth CNG Demo 1 by Marsynth Marsynth CNG Demo 2 by Marsynth Marsynth CNG Demo 3 by Marsynth