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The Heart Breaker

The Heart Breaker is similar to the Holiday Synth in that it is a four oscillator drone synth, but it has a different engine under the hood which results in a different sound. Each oscillator has volume control and pitch control like the Holiday Synth, and the pitch can also be controlled by photocells.

The Heart Breaker's oscillator mixing is really what differentiates it from the Holiday Synth. The Heart Breaker's oscillators mix together with less interference than those on the Holiday Synth, which results in a smoother sound. Oscillator synchronization is also available across all four oscillators (compared to the Holiday Synth's pairs of two), so several sync arrangements are possible (including all four stacked onto one oscillator).

Download the Heart Breaker info sheet here: Marsynth Info Sheet Heart Breaker 1_0.pdf

Check out the media below to get a better idea what the Heart Breaker is capable of.

Heart Breaker Media:

A few examples of some sounds from the Heart Breaker:

Marsynth Heart Breaker Demo 1 by Marsynth Marsynth Heart Breaker Demo 2 by Marsynth Marsynth Heart Breaker Demo 3 by Marsynth