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The Holiday Synth

The Holiday Synth is the original Marsynth sound creation device. It is a four oscillator drone synth with plenty of sound shaping control. Each oscillator has independent volume and pitch control. Pitch can be controlled by either a knob or a photocell (light sensor). The Holiday Synth also has oscillator sync capabilities: oscillators 2 and 4 can be sync'd by 1 and 3 respectively (two pairs of sync).

Marsynth Holiday Synth Unit 1 Marsynth Holiday Synth Unit 2 Marsynth Holiday Synth Unit 3 Marsynth Holiday Synth Unit 4 Marsynth Holiday Synth Unit 5

The Holiday Synth's sonic palette ranges from low grumbles to screeching highs. With only one oscillator in the mix, the sounds can be fairly simple and consistent; great for deep drones. When two or more oscillators are mixed together, their frequencies beat against each other at varying degrees producing all sorts of patterns; great for chaotic rhythms.

Download the Holiday Synth info sheet here: Marsynth Info Sheet Holiday Synth 1_0.pdf

Check out the videos below to get a better idea what the Holiday Synth is capable of.

Holiday Synth Media:

The very first Marsynth video (of the very first Marsynth unit):

Another Holiday Synth video showing off some more sounds: