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The Morris Box

The Morris Box design starts with two oscillators from the Holiday Synth (with light sensitive pitch controls) and adds a great sounding resonant, low-pass filter and a variable pulse-width LFO dedicated to modulating the filter cut-off frequency.

The Morris Box is great for deep, dark drones with filter closed down. At higher cut-off frequencies with the resonance turned up, classic "wet" analog synth sounds are easily achieved. Bringing the LFO into the mix takes the filter to the next level; alarm-like sounds and quick percussive, drum-like sounds are all possible. Driving the LFO at high frequencies opens up all sorts of great timbral changes.

During the development stages of the Morris Box, the thing that surprised me more than anything else was the addition of the oscillator mix switch; it really makes the Morris Box become a two-in-one instrument! The two oscillators can be mixed like those from the Holiday Synth (very chaotic with a lot of interference), or like those from the Heart Breaker (much smoother with little interference).

Download the Morris Box info sheet here: Marsynth Info Sheet Morris Box 1_0.pdf

Check out the videos below to get a better idea what the Morris Box is capable of.

Morris Box Media:

Some sounds from Morris Box unit #6:

Another Morris Box video, this time with some delay: