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The "Work Shop Board A" aka "wasab-a" is the first DIY-oriented synth offered by Marsynth! It is a quad square-wave oscillator board that is completely self contained on a single pcb that fits in your pocket. The board was designed with the beginning synth-DIYer in mind; there are very few components with plenty of space in between for quick and easy assembly.

Although simple in design and assembly, the WSB-A's voicing architechture is anything but. A complex network of ring modulators and frequency synchronizations interconnect the four oscillators in a web of glorious noise (see the WSB-A info sheet below for a block diagram). The addition of a dedicated photocell for each oscillator's pitch vastly expands the dynamic range and responsiveness of this synth.

The WSB-A will be available as both a kit and as a fully assembled unit.

Download the WSB-A info sheet here: Marsynth Info Sheet WSB-A 1_0.pdf

Check out the media below to get a better idea what the WSB-A is capable of!

WSB-A Media:

WSB-A demo video coming soon!


WSB-A audio demos:

Marsynth WSB-A Demos by Marsynth